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1. They’re cheap & cheerful, but they could make a massive difference to your compensation claim – use the camera on your mobile phone or keep a disposable/throw away camera in your car’s glove compartment at all times. This way, if you are involved in an accident, you’ll have the opportunity to document evidence of what happened, the location of the accident and any damage through photographs.
2. Contrary to what your insurance provider may advise, you are under no obligation to use the services of their chosen solicitor for your personal injury compensation claim – make sure that you choose a personal injury solicitor who you feel confident with.
3. Keep a diary – injuries as a result of an accident may not be noticeable straight away. On top of this, it can sometimes take a few weeks for your medical appointment with the solicitors chosen doctor to happen. Keeping how you have been feeling in writing will be a massive help in this appointment and towards your compensation case. Don’t forget to include details of any day to day activities which have been affected, or that you can no longer complete without assistance.
4. Never under estimate the importance of the finer details in your personal injury compensation case – something which you consider to be irrelevant or unimportant, whether it be a slight pain you have been feeling or something which you noticed at the scene of the accident, could be the link that your solicitor is looking for. Remember this – your solicitor will always work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury. It stands to reason that the more evidence & details that they have on what happened to you, the more they will be able to fight to get you the maximum compensation.
5. Keep your solicitor up to date – having the right contact details on file for our clients is incredibly important. Your solicitor needs to be kept up to date if there are changes in your circumstances or contact details. Maybe it is a simple as you’ve got a new mobile number. Having the right address on file for our clients is essential for case notes and paperwork to be posted out. Pick up the phone and let your solicitor know if anything on your contact details is incorrect, or if there’s any changes during your case.
And here’s a few ‘Did you knows…’ on personal injury compensation cases
  • If you’ve been in an accident and your insurers have settled on a 50:50 basis, you can still claim for personal injury compensation
  • If you’ve been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you can still claim for personal injury compensation
  • As long as it has been reported to the Police, if you’ve been in accident with an untraceable driver, you can still claim for personal injury compensation
  • If you’ve been injured in someone else’s house, you can claim for personal injury compensation on their home insurance.
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