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Motoring/Driving/Speeding Offences

Driving Offences

driving offences
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Cobleys Solicitors Ltd give expert advice on MOTORING OFFENCES on a national (England and Wales) basis.

AS a practice, Cobleys Solicitors Ltd have had twenty five years of dealing with criminal court work. Several of our experienced in house lawyers hold rights of audience in the higher courts. (See Team/criminal law above) Additionally we have access to a countrywide network of skilled Professionals, including expert witnesses, to deal with Road Traffic Offences.

We are acutely aware how easily you can lose your licence in the present anti motorist climate. Unbelievably, it’s about to become even easier if forthcoming Government proposals become law. Two Speeding tickets could be enough. For those whose licence is vital for their work this is really frightening.

But don’t be under any illusions, even under the present law, one, REPEAT ONE, speeding offence can cost you your licence. Caught doing 50 on 30mph restricted road, or 95/100 + on a motorway, then prepare to start walking to work, that’s if you can hang on to your job. One premiership footballer we represented, caught travelling on the motorway at speeds up to 110mph, had good reason to be thankful when our intervention led to the charge against him being discontinued. Why, because we were able to identify flaws in the evidence which fatally holed the prosecution case.

Of course, it’s not just speeding, points can be put on your licence for some parking offences. Yes, that’s correct, parking offences. Those points will count towards the twelve presently required under the quaintly named totting up provisions.

Then there are the more serious offences such as ; careless driving (can now lead to imprisonment where there is a fatality); dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident; and Drink Driving. Conviction for these offences may not just lead to disqualification, it can put you in prison.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Our team are available 24/7. An initial call costs nothing. If we think we can help we will give you a written costs estimate, it’s then your call as to what your licence or, even, your liberty is worth.

By the way, we accept all major credit cards, so payment may be less painful than you anticipated.

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Cobleys Solicitors Ltd accept most major Credit Cards.

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